i dont blog lately.
Wednesday, September 26, 2007
i've screwd up dates lately. So dis juz happend.

i think..

On a friday noon (21st sept 07).
Preparing a mini coookout session for sis and her frenz. 2 hours after my PHYSIO exam. Selamba sial. Told her i was gonna make minced beef/chick lasagna. But it ended up being Cheesy Meaty Sumthin. Plus i whipd mushroom soup again. But it dint go right this time. Totally. Blame the flour. Prolly around 10 her frenz came. Cool. i guessd. But to whip up such large meals was sooo pruddddd. Helluva no way i might again. Shoutouts to sis and Brenda for helpin out. I guessd the best meal was prepared by Brenda --> Garlic Bread. N i thought i was the man of the hour (host/chef for the day). Most of them went right up my 'room'. Must be the army pink-rip beanbag and my bed.

On a sat noon (22nd sept 07).
El Toro!!! End up with a supposdly blonde redneck. But it sure does look whitish.


On a sat night.

Walkd over to a supposdly poker party at sis' crib with HL, Kizard and JLynn. Had some really good stuffs i missd back home. Was referrin to Bak Kut Teh. With Pies xp. All i rmbr was playin 1 game of poker i think. All in! N i got fluffd out straight away. damnnn. A pair of Aces wasnt even enough. dammit. Shiftd to another thing i missd again. EPL! on Foxtel. Well watchin liverpool wasnt that bad. I need the spurs in me tho. badly.

Loves squishin together.aint we.

Both Kiz and Lynn crashd my crib after that dodgy 'epl poker' party. Supposdly xp. Unsurprisingly, Kiz bangd the whole neighbourhood with his usual hits. This time with some mellows too. And Lynn, you were sleepin on HL's bed. xp. Tipsy je for no reason lol.

Kiz talkd himself to sleep.Eventually.7indamornin.

On a sun noon (23rd sept 07).
Paintball at Huntingdales. Nuf said. Watch out, those who shot me in my arse.

On a sun night.

CHS Gatherin. Kinda missin heaps of 'the others' too i think. Seriously. Anywayz, sunday felt like a melodominotic day kinda agenda. Woke up --> Overnight food (more like 2 nights) --> Paintball --> Moo's wheel (with my paintballd shoes) --> Train ride --> CHS Gatherin. All that without a stop or a shower. N i dint look too bad a tad i think. MEoww. Dont you dare.

Moments rekindle.Anyone?

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Of XO's, lavish & el toro, not.
Tuesday, September 18, 2007
On a friday night (14th sept 07).

Sis ajak me to have dinner with WeiFong with frenz & family. Hesitated initially as my days were gettin too drooopy on me. But managed to board the train and traveled my ass to the city. Reachd Westlake in Chinatown to meet them. Glad to see sis as i havent seen her for some time, considerin i stayd so near her xp. And she bought a new dress dammit. WeiFong's family seemd such hippie at times, and theres when it get even hypppe. Had steamboat. But came along XO. Being nice, i warmd up to her dad's request of downin some wit him and others (owh cmon, everyone needa drink someday somewhere). After at least 7 shots, i was gigglin like fks. Plus the chillin night didnt help a tad.


Yepp. Dats mofo, brenda, sis, weifong & her hunnybun (he looooks really happy somehow). Go figure.

Later on a fri night.

Off to HL's Lavish party. Not that he ownd a club, but its got a table under his name (damn i still havent had mine). Queue was fk offsettin, but what wait isnt worth any. And being the oddball i was, i was sittin my queue all the way to the entree (XO was downin me this time). Djs was throwin rnb all around, but i stumbld outside where damn stereoblasters were throwin technos. More like mine xp. Its one of those clubout, not clubin! only much better. Happy Bday HL & in like 1 hour later, he's loookin a lot worse than a sunken giraffe (prolly the Blacklabel, chivas & helium). Surprisingly, i came out rejuve with V, with others a tad sober and tipsy. Blame the rnb xp.

On a sa(turd)ay, (15th sept 07).

On a secret El Toro mission, i woke my ass up again on time (im good). Met kizard & junlynn, off to do the possible. Jlynn bought her brand new acoustic guitar at Allen's & i couldnt wait for mine. Walkd to Cranbourne's & there was mine! sittin a lonely chap in between sisssies (yesss those other menacin guitars were sissssies). But to my honest awww, it only came in black. While kizard was busyin electrifyin some big bouncer amps, i came to think "u cant always get what u want". Truly deeply solely, i decide to pre-order the RED El Toro, shruggin my itchy hands off to my backpocket. Well, cya next week redeltoro! no he's not mexican.mayb.not.

After spendin quite some momentous time watchin kizard teachin jlynn playin 'better man' & that 'jaychou ol skool hit', went off to Kbox. Being early, we quickly snatchd mics to ourselves and started singin. Yay, i was doin 'Creep', like finally. It wasnt easy singin that but i felt like i felt it (esp the bridge moment). "Runnn, runnn, ruuunnnnnnnnnnn". Turd. Then more male buddies of kizard started to join in, each displayin their forte. Pretty diverse til it got more when his Taiwanesey friend joined us. Prolly the hyphyiest bloke, he even did some bumbum shakin, chicken dancin & lollipop shufflin (to jap tunes). Night was pretty gay, in exception of jlynn (luckily u were there). Voicebox hurted like madddd once i hit scruffy high with "Are U Gonna Be My Girl". It broke eventually.

dont ask me y i didnt change clothes.

they sang "always"

those 2 can whip any chi's. remind me of male 'chopstick sisters'

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Mini Mushroom soup, yay & General Tsao's Chicken, fail'd
Tuesday, September 11, 2007
Mini Mushroom Soup

  1. 1. Cut mushroom (i had shitake tho)
    2. Add 2 tbs butter into saucepan, preheat
    3. Add mushroom and cook in saucepan
    4. Add milk (1 1/2 glass)
    5. Add chicken stock6. Add flour
    7. Stir til thicken
    8. Add preferr'd herbs (i dont know which i add), stir

Boy i lub my mini mushroom soup. Mushroom smells a bit tho prolly coz i prepared this serving too mini (lotsa mushroom + less milk = mushroomish soup). But i had a great tea time wit it, plus dippin in those cheap $2 bread & my sweet cinnamon Jarrah coffe. V & Celine were on hand to try it too as they dropp'd by a while. Shud have prepar'd more if i had knew. However..

Yes. However, later at midnight, i tried whippin this General Tsao's Chicken for dinner. Unsuccessfully plagiariz'd from http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/General-Tsaos-Chicken/Detail.aspx , juz look up aite. To exactly no avail, i pissscrew'd up the damn sauce (which i had earlier skippd 1 hr physio meetin at noon in uni juz to prepare the sauce, instantly to refrigerate). When i arriv'd late for the meetin, Vivek, Alice & Emma were askin hows the sauce goin. I was like "how didja knew" (vividly turnin to HL). All were my physio group members btw. I confidently gave my sauce thumbs up, but being humble as i m, i nodded "pretty aite, the sauce's for dinner later". Even cheekily invited them over to try. But boy, were they luckyyy not to come (u'll know y by the pics below).

Chicken looks golden brown eih but whatever happend to the sauce i prepar'd. Somehow, i might have heed'd the advice from General Tsao. Well like for instance, he uses MSG (fake bastard), like i have cmon. I did a bad job mixin the flour too, dont blame me. Damn flours were stickin to one another like damn monkeys in barrel. They juz wudnt let go, even when i cooook it. If u notic'd the pic above, my silky strong sauce could actually hold that wooden spoon (wooden spoon !? no idea what to call it) up in the air. Yes, it stood straight up. Fk up this sauce that i threw it away. Eventually..

Well the show muz go on, so i whipd up some veggy eggy soup ala garlic powder style. Thats to counter balance the dry General Tsao fried chicken, plus i faild the sauce too. Weird dinner i'd sayd. Need advice on this badly.


Mini mushroom soup - ****
General Tsao's Chicken -*
(i tink it should be juz known as fried chicken since i kinda faild the general's order into making that fk up sauce)

Once dinner, had a short break. This Kizard (known him thru Jul) tiba2 wanna make me his audience, listenin to him guitarin ala electro style thru msn. Progressively we moved into karaoke session where we sang some bits. HL & tsannie overheard (like duhh coz i sang so fk up xp), and funnily they found it gay. Yeaaa it was, coz me and Kizard were singin that Sound of Silence (by P.simon & A.Garfunkel), tryin to reach some harmonic moments (U know, that acopella thingy where he hit low notes and me hittin high). Dumbfkin dumbbbbfunnnnnny.

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Nights out! at home.
On a friday night (7 Sept07).

Back from OCF night play of "I hoped u can dance", decided to throw Brian a last second Bday party. All done in V's sedan. Dunno y, but V let me drive his sedan to a bottle shop. Damn dat was gooood. Talk about losing touch wit ma car in malaysia. But no, he's car was the bomb. Im soooo bookin this car if he sells it.

Reach'd home n surprisd !

He turned 21 i tink.

On a followin sat night (8 Sept07).

Home session wit Moo sprinklin his magical dust on my kitchen. Impressd coz he did everythin in like an hour or so (plus a lil help from me of cozzz, credit siall). But whilst preparin, the girls calld (at clayton station). So i seiz'd the oppurtinity to drive Moo's new wheel to fetch them (he doesnt look too pleas'd, prolly since i made that whizzy no brainer split sec death right swift on the OUG road (malaysia) in front of his maiden eyes ages ago). These cars these days, so fkin sensitive wit all the gay sensors. Reachd, pickd, arrivd. Safe n sound.

Ackwardly at first sight, Susana n Desiree playd GOOOD guests, light up light chats n went straight into my mojito xp (apparently gettin very unpopular ishh, by lookin at how they sip n tilt their heads, can prolly guess'd). Then came Moo's delightful salmon roll wit some whitish sauce (looks weird, taste even weirder. the girls kinda agreed i tink winks*).

Follow'd by another meal..

Taco rice & roast chicks?

Next, NOT recommended for viewers under 13. Nahhh. What happen'd when shots, bombs, damn King card game, discretion/aggresion, explicit chi slurs n 1 jap dinin table were thrown in the middle of home session on a sat nite? I dont know but 30 sec b4..

yeaaa. i wud find them nice too. but.

30 secs up! like hell freezes over. No thats an Eagle album. Hell breaks goooose.

Worst horsie ever.

Sexual healing step 1.

Caught on 10/2.




Devoid off Paranoid

Thr's more at HL's blog. Slaps* HL for uploadin so much pics. xp. Exposeee ! ish. I wonder what Su & Des gonna prepare fo us nxt time out at their crib. I pre-order tiramisu tho.

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Mandarin Orange Fish & Stir-Fry Broccoli Tofu. Mojito ?
Thursday, September 6, 2007
Mandarin Orange Fish & Stir-fry Broccoli Tofu

I skill'd these recipes, plagiarizin from other sites. However, dependin on my kitchens availability (limited ingredients), i had to carry on cookin to improve & to better my own taste. After all, im hungry on good home-cook'd food on a lazy afternoon. This shyt is the shyt rite here as i prepared both simultaneously & a lil simply fused (taruk)of stuffs together. Lazy me. Included here is the lazy recipes.

Stir-Fry Broccoli Tofu

1. Prepare sauce:
- 2 tbs oyster sauce
- 2 tbs light soy sauce
- 2 tsp cornflour
- 2 tsp rice vinegar
- stir & set aside.
2. Preheat oil in wok, add tofu and sprinkle salt.
3. Upon turnin golden brown, remove & set aside.
4. In same wok, add broccoli (boiled), H20 & minced garlic.
5. Stir broccoli til fry.
6. Add sauce mixture & tofu.
7. Stir til sauce thicken.

Mandarin Orange Fish

  • Sauce ingredients:
  • - 6 oz Australian Orange Juice
  • - 1 tbs light soy sauce
  • - 1/2 tbs cornflour
  • - 1 tbs extra virgin olive oil
  • - 1 1/2 clove garlic. Minced
    - 1/2 Onion. Chopped
    - 1/2 tbs tomato paste

    1. Prepare sauce: Mix orange juice,cornflour &
    soy sauce in a bowl. Set aside.
    2. Marinate fillets with salt & pepper.
    3. Fry fillet after preheating wok with oil.
    4. Once brown, remove & set aside.
    5. In same wok, add oil.
    6. Saute garlic, onion & tomato paste.
    7. Add sauce (orange) mixture and stir well.
    8. Sauce thicken, serve sauce over top of
    fried fillet.

Rough day ey. That was like 1hr 40minutes of cooking show (Its true). Now everyone get stoned! Nah just me. Anywayz, approxly 9 hrs later, after havin HanLin's Cream Mushroom Chicken (magnifico mealio i'd say), i'd decided to make me a Mojito. I knew it wasnt goin rite as whats stated in the international recipe (again due to limited resources), but Pixie gave me the nod ahead to just kill the possible and do it.

Mofo's Mojito

1. 2 tsp white sugar.
2. 5-6 mint leaves.
3. 1/2 lemon (supposedly lime wedges).
4. Muddle with a fork.
5. ice top glass (crushed if possible).
6. 1 1/2 oz Barcadi rum.
7. Top with soda H20.

There you go.

Eventually, both HL & Tsannie tried but sour so they say. Turn'd out i realised i forgot to mix the sugar where they were stacked at bottom, coz i was more on muddlin mints. Soothin but i was in control. Prolly more rum next time.

Pixie: Mandarin orange fish, but where does the term Mandarin fit in when u were usin Aussie Juice. Dumbass. It was a lil too tomato-ish. Broccoli was overboil'd & overcook'd. Mojito was worst of the lot. Taste more like Mojave's wet remains.

i. Mandarin Orange Fish - ***
ii. Stir-fry Broccoli Tofu - **
iii.Mofo's Mojito - *
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I missed.
Lotsa loves.

I paced. a lonely i could.

tried. to tasty food.

I play'd. detrimental tunes.

sang. 'Fly Me to the Moon'

I roll'd. Over under my bed.

think'd. twice of weddin's wed.

I relish'd. miss'd oppurtinities.

rant'd. but to no affinity.

I kick'd. softmores to tears.

weep'd. of onions and good years.

I jump'd. high and so low.

pick'd. this abled soul.

I wonder'd. how far.

sip'd. a mug of Jarrah.

I turn'd. to Pixie.

smiled. u set me free.

Loves. heaps.
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